Like Mother and Father Ships, Mobile Radionic Scout Ships do not require atmospheric water vapor or prevalent cloud to be seen. The Ships precipitate their own moisture as condensated versions of themselves. In some cases they will also produce a limited Radionic array depending on the level of the Fourth Dimension they are in.

The term ionnization is used when a Ship's magnetic field causes moisture vapour passing through to ionnize and collect in along its magnetic lines. The term condensating is used when the Ship precipitates its own water vapour in the shape of the Ship. Ionnized fields take a while to set up and usually stay put. Condensations occur on the spot and move freely around. All Radionic Ships can be ionnized and condensated. sometimes at the same time. Anchor Ships are usually seen by their ionnized Clouds. Mother and Father Ships are likewise usually seen by the Radionic Clouds they produce, but sometimes also bear a condensated presence. Mobile Scout Ships are mostly condensated, plus sometimes bearing very small localized Radionic fields.

As discussed to date, Radionic Ships tele-project into Earth's atmosphere at the fifth dimensional level. Their magnetic field radiates outward and set up stable magnetic fields within the atmosphere. Water vapors in the area become ionnized along the magnetic lines and the ionnizations show as visible patterns in the sky. The net result is the magnetic field of the Ship has been reflected within the atmosphere as distinct looking Radionic Clouds. The Radionic Cloud reveals the existence of the Radionic Ship producing the magnetic field.

Once a Ship has teleported into the fifth dimension, it projects itself into a lower dimension to do work by lowering its vibration to the level of the dimension required. Earth has two lower dimensions, the fourth and the third. Everyone is familiar with the third dimension as it is the dimension of everyday ordinary life.

The fourth dimension is higher in frequency than the third, and the fifth dimension is higher in frequency than the fourth. The fourth dimension is the bridge between the third dimension and the fifth, consisting of seven distinct frequency octaves. Each octave in turn has seven frequency levels for a total of forty nine different levels of frequency called the astral states or astral planes. Each astral plane is higher in frequency than the one below. The first level is just above the third dimension in frequency, the forty ninth is just below the fifth. The upper four octaves are called the higher astral planes and the first three are called the lower. The two lowest are called the Astral Hell States. The type of visibility of a Radionic Ship you see depends on the frequency of the dimension and level it is in.

The two lower dimensions are both of a heavier vibration than the fifth. This shows by less and less of a magnetic field radiating out, and a more and more locally condensated presence of the Ship. The rule is that as the octaves get lower and lower, the Ships themselves become more and more condensated and visible, and more and more the radial magnetic fields fall off. In the third dimension the Ships become as though corporal and are easy to see as seemingly materialized objects such as the so called silver Ships and there is no Radionic field whatsoever. They are not corporal however, you can still throw a baseball through them.

To summarize, the lower the frequency the more attractive becomes the magnetics because of the denser nature of the mediums. The condensations become more more substantive and the Radionics are held in closer and closer. In the fifth dimension it is all magnetic field and no Ship visibility, in the third dimension it is all Ship visibility with no magnetic fields. The fourth dimension is where combinations of the two occur according to the octave and levels involved. In the sixth and seventh astral frequencies which are closest to the fifth, you see both the outline of the Ship and its extended magnetic field ionnizations. In the fourth and fifth octaves you see burgeoning condensated of the Ships and more diminished localized presences of the fields. In the third astral realm you see precipitated condensations but no extended ionnizations. The second and first astral octaves have very few sightings.

The rules are simple.

In the fifth dimension the Ships teleport in and project down into the fourth dimension.

In the upper seventh octave it is all cloud and no Ship.

In the lower seventh octave it is very faint Ship and strong cloud.

In the sixth octave it is more visible Ship and somewhat diminished cloud.

In the fifth octave it is much more visible Ship and more localized cloud

The fourth octave is where most noticeable changes occur. In the upper levels of the fourth octave it is very visible Ship and almost no cloud. In the lower levels of the fourth octave it is all Ship and no clouds.

In the third octave it is semi corporal appearing visible Ship.

In the first and second lower astral realms which are closer to the third, you see a combination of condensations and corporal presences. In the third dimension you see only corporal seeming presences. The projections also vary somewhat according to the levels within the octaves involved, and of course as always, the local environmental circumstances of the projection..

The following photograph taken in Brantford on December 25, 2015, shown before as Figure 26 in Starrgram 5 is of a saucer shaped Mother Ship projected into the fifth astral octave. As you can see the Ship condensation is noticeable and it is producing a localized Radionic field.

Figure 1 -

The similar even more dramatic Figure below, is of saucer shaped Father Ship equivalent previously shown as Figure 20 in Starrgram 6. This is another situation identical to Figure 1 above where it has likewise projected with a frequency matching the fifth astral octave. You can tell it's a Father Ship by the frilly radiations vs. tendrils in the photo above. And just in case you don't think this one was near by, notice the frillies are in front of the cumulous clouds at the top and not behind. That's about as close as it gets without bumping your head. Someone up there really must have needed to yak with somebody down there below.

Figure 2 - We need to talk.

Similarly, the following Figure below from Huntsville Ontario is of a Father Ship runabout, projected into the sixth astral octave with a thinner condensation and more extensive radiations. There is also lower cloud around which it is also affecting. Its fillies are more evident but still in part localized, originally shown as Figure 36 in Starrgram 6. Remembering too that the frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions are too high for your eyes to actually see except for some of you whose consciousness is quit a bit higher than average. 

Remember too, you are not seeing the Ships themselves in their higher dimensional actualities in these photographs, you are only seeing condensated and Radionic cloud reflections in the lower dimension below. Images like Figures 2 and 3 of Starrgram 5, and 18 of Starrgram 6 are of Ships projected into the upper seventh astral octave, where nothing in the way of the Ships themselves are present and they are only visible by the outlines made by the Radionic fields.

Figure 3 - As Matlock would say, 'Now that's a Ufo'.

Mother and Father Ships projected down into the lower astral levels of the fifth octave are even more towards the Ship and less towards the fields. A lower fifth octave level reflection of a saucer shaped Father Ship is shown below, captured in Paris on March 6, 2015 and previously shown as Figure 2b in Starrgram 4. Like before, the Ship is more visible showing it more for what it is, and the Radionic field is now much more diminished and more localized. There is also a Positive pole Radionic Anchor Ship field present in this particular image, not readily seen at the location but known to be there as the photograph was taken one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction across the street from the same location at the same time as the very obvious Negative Radionic field of Figure 11 in Starrgram 2.

The Father Ship is actually within the Radionic Anchor Ship field, but the Father Ship's diminutive presence still takes the limelight. You can tell it's a Father Ship and not a mobile Scout Ship because it is too big plus by the car stuff up above it like Figure 37 in Starrgram 6. Also notice the faint Mother Ship partner sitting in the fourth octave right beside it at the center.

Figure 5 - That looks a lot like Ufos up there. No wait, they're lenticular clouds.

Speaking  of Figure 37 in Starrgram 6, you have to look for it but has an almost identical lower fifth octave saucer shaped Father Ship condensation, sitting partially cloud covered right smack in the lower center just to the right of the light standard and up a bit.

Figure 6 -

Another main type of Mother and Father Ship Father Ship field sports horizontal ionnizations like Figure 8 in Starrgram 1. In the Figure shown below both a Father and Mother Ship sit side by side in a Negative Polarity Radionic Field, also shown as Figure 23 in Starrgram 7. A lower fifth octave condensated Father Ship sits at the bottom of the horizontal Father Ship Field sitting up the middles, 

Figure 7 -

There's absolutely no doubt about it, in Radionics 'What comes around goes around'. On September 26, 2016 in Brantford, eighteen months later a nearly exact same type of partially condensed lower fifth octave Mother Ship field as Figures 5, 6 and 7 above within a wide higher octave Mother Ship field showed up looking to the South East. 

Unfortunately the moisture vapour at the time was only so so, so the Mother Ship image was not as distinct as even the Father Ship presence in Figure 5 above. Fortunately, a very definite Negative polarity Radionic field, shown as Figure 41 in Starrgram 2 was also up at the same time ninety degrees to the West. Proving beyond certainty that this was a Reality event and not just clouds looking for someone to see them as sheep.

Figure 8 - I keep telling you, I'm not a sheep. The Flying Dutchman maybe but not a sheep.

As originally mentioned, Anchor Ships are one of the main types of Scout Ships, and are principle actor in setting up the magnetic environments such as those in Starrgrams 2 and 3 in which the magnetic fields of Mother and Father Ships are able to ply against to move around like a Magnetic levitation train. As originally mentioned, similar to tug boats which are very small with massive engines, the Anchor Scout Ships producing these fields are very small with massive magnetics.

The other main body is Mobile Scout Ships. Mobile Scout Ships are much smaller, usually carrying only two or three people and can be pill shaped, saucer shaped, or globular. Similarly, just as the remaining main body of small boats plying Earth's waters is all over the map regards size, type, and utility, the remaining main body of Mobile Scout Ships are all over the map regards kind, size, and purpose. Again, what you might see at any particular time is a combination of the type of Ship involved, the dimension it is functioning in, and the prevailing environmental circumstances of the moment.

At the lower levels of the fourth octave of the fourth dimension the Radionic fields disappear entirely leaving just an ionnized patch of condensated moisture in the space where the Ship is. Which sort of reveals their presence while at the same time belying it by being innocuous as a kind of cloak. 

Myriads of small monopole Mobile Scout Ships run around in the fourth octave all the time, quietly moving around getting things done, moving demurely from one cloud cover to another. Negative pole Mobile Scout Ships will project as dense condensations of darkened water vapour as shown in the Figure below from the Internet, which is of a globular shape like a gumball.

Figure 9 -

Positive pole globular Mobile Scout Ships, will reflect as solid white dots of condensated water vapor like tennis balls. As they are easy to see against the deep blue background of the sky, they are often reported by watchers of the skies moving around quietly between the puffs of ordinary afternoon clouds. The following image of Positive Mobile Scout Ship white dots on the move came from the Internet.

Figure 10 - I've got spots in front of my eyes, where's the Murine.

It likewise turns out that Figure 36 of Starrgram 2 was a right busy beaver. Completely unsuspected at first glance, a blow up shows four nice Positive pole tennis balls sitting right under the visor.

Figure 11 - They keep coming back, where are those eye drops.

And again, Figure 37 in Starrgram 6 has three amigos looking like Orion's belt. Maybe that's where they're from. These appear much bigger as shown below because they were much closer in.

Figure 12 - Eye drops likely won't help a whole lot on this one.

The closer in the bigger the ball. Sometimes they can be pretty close up as the occasion calls. If you want to see really close in , as in almost to the point of giving up the jig, look at the fuzz ball in the Figure below where a small Positive pole Mobile Radionic Scout Ship is sitting out in sort of plain sight, previously presented as Figure 38 of Starrgram 2 and now enhanced.

A row of distant cumulus clouds in back of the ball and at the bottom shows clearly the difference in cloud types. The size of the ball shows it was pretty close nearby, just over top of the Dollarama Store in the background. Probably in to buy a Mars bar or two.

Figure 13- I'm pretty sure no one will notice me out here.

You wouldn't have noticed it yet because it hasn't been pointed out to you yet, but a similar fuzz ball is sitting in close above the tree in Figure 30 of Starrgram 2 as shown below.

Figure 14 -

Similarly the Figure below from Fujisawa Japan on December 6, 2016 has a nice big fuzz ball sitting right overhead front and center.

Figure 15 - Couldn't help myself, Japanese people get pretty worked up over these kinds of things.

You also wouldn't likely have noticed the nice big fuzz ball similar to the ones above sitting close in just over the trees at the center of Figure 3 in Starrgram 3.

Figure 16 -

Sunlight visibility also plays a part. Bright sunlight is one thing, shadowed sunlight is another. Not as much sun reflecting off the moisture particles, plus against a dark backdrop will produce a more ephemeral effect as the following image off the Internet shows. Likewise, just as the large Radionic field reflections of Ships in the fifth dimension are not the Ship per se, these small local spherical reflections of Ships in the lower fourth octave of the fourth dimension are not the Ship per se but are a condensated reflection.

Figure 17 - Swamp gas, Will o' The Wisp, Radionic Ship, Halloween, bad sandwich, call it what you will but it is what it is.

But if you really want close, it can't get any closer than one right in the making, right in front of you, right where you stand, right on a bright sunny afternoon.  An actual totally perfect awesome example occurred right in real time on May 30, 2016 in Brantford.

The event started uneventfully enough with the Figure below. The Figure is actually the left part of Figure 3 in Starrgram 10, but taken at a off angle from a small parking lot a half block up the street. The view this time is up the street rather than across, which is why the houses are different. The small white doodad in the lower middle is a just patch of white cloud.

Figure 18 -

Like many of the Figures in this disclosure, the views as explained are panorama composites composed from a number of side by side cell phone stills taken side by side. The stills are then matched up best as possible in PhotoMerge to make the composite. A second side to side sweep is often taken just to be sure that enough suitable match ups occur to make a good composite.

This works well but has the unpleasant side effect of re-filming the clouds after they have moved slightly. When the composites are made and if all the shots are used, the different cloud views overlap and sometimes the slight changes makes the final out come not crisp and clean. A couple of images in this disclosure avoided this and came out relatively clear such as Figure 4 in Starrgram 3, pointing out the painful fact that most are not.

Oft times the two different sweeps were run separately in PhotoMerge and the best of the two composites chosen for use. In the case of this particular adventure, two sweeps were done and the two were run separately. Figure 18 above is the composite of the first sweep and the Figure below is the second. 

The two sweeps were done from the left to right, then after a few seconds pause back again from the right to the left. The return to the left-most shot of the Figure below had been taken exactly fifty six seconds after the left most shot of the first sweep according to the cell phone camera time stamp. In that fifty six seconds, a lower fourth dimensional Mobile Scout Ship condensate had popped in, in the form of the small white cloud sitting clearly visible sitting just above the building behind the tree.

Figure 19 - Poof, I'm proof.

This is about as lucky a split second hit as you get. Don't forget the photo was taken only about a hundred yards up the street from the Ship. It was kind of like catching the end of a rainbow fifteen feet away from your feet.

This word smither had done that once, along the northern shore of Lake Superior. A thin sandy shore separated the water's edge about twenty five feet in from the roadway passing by. A bright beautiful full size rainbow was sitting loud and proud ending right in the middle of the sand strip scarcely fifteen feet away. Unfortunately a thorough look around failed to turn up the pot of gold. Obviously somebody had got there first.

At any rate, you hardly ever get to see these lovely little Radionic kind of photograph things up front like the popped in cloud. Usually you don't discover them until you look at the photos later, and in some cases not until after blowing them up. This word smither had no idea it had happened until the composites were run. Half the stuff in Starrgram 16 to follow turned up this way.

Who knows how many countless events like that have happened in the world of photography since the camera was invented. The Internet is filled with photos purporting long lost husbands, critters, ghostly trains, and even supposed Alien Beings hunkering fitfully behind trees. In the case of the second sweep photo above, nothing is ephemeral, nothing is metaphysical, and nothing is from the X-Factor. It is what it is, an awesome excellent one of a kind lucky catch in the space time continuum. Also, as some of you skeptics are no doubt hoping happens, a blow up of the cloud shown below shows it is not a lens flare. The timing shows it had just happened within a window of under a minute, not even in long enough to start ionnizing into a round fuzz ball like Figure 13 above.

If it had been seen from a distance away it would have also looked just like the tiny tennis balls in Figures 10 and 11 above. Don't forget, this was just over the roof, not far in back.

Figure 20 - Yep, still me.

Another Negative pole Mobile Scout Ship cloud cloak in the making is shown below, from a higher level of the fourth octave having the makings of Radiations. This time it is from the Internet and shows more Radials because it had been around longer and had time to spread out more into an even spread.

Figure 21 - Maybe these should be called, 'Flying Clouds' instead of flying saucers.

Really far off you see tennis balls like Figures 10 and 11 above, at a closer distance you see fuzz balls like Figures 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20 and 21 above. Despite the fact that these sort of appearings are occurring everywhere all the time it is very seldom one is observed close up like the one above in Figure 21. It is even more infrequent that one is caught in the actual process of projecting in like Figure 19.

Saucer shaped Father Ships will also project into the higher levels of the fourth octave. They will likewise produce a sort of semi cloak of themselves in a white cloud form. Being much more massive in magnetic property the condensation will be bigger and initially much more Captain America like than the more magnetically diminutive Negative and Positive pole Mobile Scout Ships.

The following example was taken by camera over Marbella, Spain on August 22, 2010. Always remember that nothing in any of these effects is format except for the fact they are Radionic. The amount of frilly local ionnization shows it had been in for at least a bit of awhile. Likewise, the scale against the little bit of foreground visible shows that it is not that particularly big a Father Ship, and is likewise in fairly close. The Radionic vs. meteorological nature of the cloud is obvious. Notice the very small very condensated lower fourth dimensional Fall Hole type cigar shaped Mother Ship at the lower left to the right of the lamp standard.

Figure 22 -

The same thing as the above can occur in the upper third octave. The following Figure below found on the Internet is an almost perfect image of a Father Ship like Figure 22 above, but no Radials for being in the upper third octave.

It is entirely possible for a very distant Father Ship cloak to also appear as a tennis ball. It's strictly a matter of distance away. Since Fathers Ships  tend to be apart from each other, and Mobile Scout Ships on maneuvers tend to move around in packs, if you see a single distant tennis ball it is likely a Father Ship. If you see a bunch together it is likely a Mobile Scout Ship team on the go.

Figure 23 - I've got to stay off the Vodka, everything's gone blurry.

Mother Ships at these lower frequencies, being doubly more attractive thus more substantive, condensate more densely. The Figure below from the Internet is a Mother Ship equivalent to the Father Ship condensate of Figure 23 above.

Figure 24 -

Very large Saucer shaped Mother Ships in the upper third octave can create quite a commotion. The following view from the internet has no Radials from the Ship but it's done a pretty good job of mussing up the Radionics of a Positive Pole Radionic Field at the left. Even pushing out a pretty good spiral. A Father field sits in the background right above it, getting a pretty good jolt from the Sun.

Figure 30 -
What the heck, is Independence Day starting to rev up again.

Also, as you might expect, longer fatter cigar shaped Father Ships in the middle third octave produce longer fatter condensates like the Internet Figure below. It would not be that big a stretch to conclude that the idea for the Hindenburg dirigible, circa late thirties came from something like this. Because of the cloud like condensating, being projected and being cloaked are all but the same difference.

Figure 28 - What're looking at, never seen a fully cloaked cigar shaped Radionic Father Ship of Light before.

Again, since Mother Ships are more attractive, their condensations will be more substantive. The following clip of a self proving fully saturated Mother Ship cloak like condensate, shown prior as Figure 32 in Starrgram 5, was taken from the introduction portion of a YouTube video filmed on March 9, 2010 in Santa Clarita, California.

Figure 29 - Putta, putta, putta, putta.

At the lower third octave frequencies the local Ship magnetics condensate in even stronger. The loosely condensated Radionic cloud patches disappear entirely, leaving just a dense patch of condensated moisture in the volume where the Ship itself is. Which sort of reveals their presence while at the same time belying it by being a kind of innocuous cloak.

The following Figure from the Internet is a full fledged lower level third octave saucer shaped condensation, almost literally molecule for molecule as the Ship. A sic, all knowing observer might complain that it is a lenticular cloud. An even more aha, knowing observer will derive that it can't be a Lenticular cloud because it isn't horizontal.

Lenticular clouds form when two different cloud layers with different moisture contents and temperatures meet horizontally on the lee side of a large obstacle like a mountain. Look at the Figure below, there's no mountain and the building frames down the sides shows it was shot from feet on the ground, showing that it's also not horizontal. And of course the little hint of Radionics in behind at the right and a bit more along the top doesn't hurt any.

Figure 25 - No siree Bub I ain't no thunderhead, of that you can be sure.

For reasons that only the Commander in Chief for Cosmic Affairs for Plant Earth know for sure, big saucer Mother Ships will also make brief appearances in the third dimension. The image below off the Internet, shows a corporal appearing Ship just starting to come through. No need to ask where the movie 'Independence Day' got some of its ideas

Figure 29 -
We told you we would eventually come, but you never listened.

There is also a bit of a story about Figure 28 here which relates to the narrative. In the late summer of nineteen seventy three, about twenty people had convened in Denver Colorado for a series of lectures about higher dimensional matters including the Radionic fleet outside Pluto.

Some of the people were from Vancouver Canada including this word smither, and some were from Spokane Washington. At the conclusion of the lectures a backyard barbeque was held as a sort of send off to those going north. For the entire morning a Ship looking identical to Figure 28, but minus any cumulous clouds around  and the edge all around like Figure 23 above sat straight overhead at about the same height. Not even one other cloud of any kind existed, the rest of the sky was beautiful crystal clear blue like Figure 20 above.

About eleven thirty in the morning the party broke up and the north bound travelers headed out. In way of an informal send off, the lecturer and his wife decided to follow them up the highway. The cloud remained directly over top their car. About forty miles out, they honked, waved goodbye, crossed over the meridian and headed straight back in towards Denver. The cloud went straight back with them. There is a lot going on and no one has been the wiser until now.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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