The following are all direct side by side Radionic comparisons. Nothing needs to be said except Negatives are first and Positives are second. Remembering also that Mother Ships are Negative and Father Ships are Positive. A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case ten thousand as any of these following comparisons show.

A Negative pole Anchor Ship Clouds are volcanoes, Positive pole Anchor Ship Clouds are  vacant.

Figure 1a
Figure 2b

Some Mother Ship ionnic reflections are tubes, some Father Ships reflections are frills.

Figure 2a
Figure 2b

Some Mother Ship lower cloud arrays are filled in, Father Ship lower cloud arrays are decimated.

Figure 3a
Figure 3b

Some upper level Mother Ship fields are filled in, some upper level Radionic Father Ship fields are outlined.

Figure 4a
Figure 4b

Some Mother Ship lower cloud fields are dense, some Father Ship lower cloud fields are stringy.

Figure 5a
Figure 5b

Mother Ship Fall Hole fills are dark, Father Ship Fall Hole fills are light.

Figure 6a
Figure 6b

Mother and Father Ship Fall holes are long, Sylph fall holes are short.

Figure 7a
Figure 7b

Cigar shaped Mother Ship cloud cloaks are dark, cigar shaped Father Ship cloud cloaks are light.

Figure 8a
Figure 8b

Some Mother Ship saucers express their radiations as tendrils, some Father Ship saucers express their radiations as frillies.

Figure 9a
Figure 9b

Some miles long Mother Ships are visible inside their Radionic Cloud,  some miles long Father Ships are not visible inside their Radionic Cloud.

Figure 10a
Figure 10b

Sunlit fourth octave fuzz balls are opaque, shadowed fourth octave fuzzballs are ephemeral.

Figure 11a

Figure 11b

Anchor Scout Ships have large Radionic fields, Mobile Scout Ships have mostly localized condensations.

Figure 12a
Figure 12b

Some types of lower octave Negative pole Mobile Scout Ships are dark donuts, some types of lower octave Positive pole Mobile Scout Ships are silver disks.

Figure 13a
Figure 13b

Some types of donut shaped Negative pole Mobile Scout Ships have a light ball on top, some types of disk shaped Positive pole Mobile Scout Ships have a dark ball on top.

Figure 14a
Figure 14b

Negative pole Anchor Scout Ships are dark on a light base, Positive pole Ships are light on a dark base.

Figure 15a
Figure 15b

Negative pole Mobile Scout Ship gumballs are dark, Positive pole Mobile Scout Ship gum balls are light.

Figure 16a
Figure 16b

Male half atom Guardian Orbs are dark, Female half atom Guardian Orbs are light.

Figure 17a
Figure 17b -

The two Atlantian centers of Sodom (vice) and Gomorrah (crime) were in North America. Sodom was near what is now the BC border North of Spokane Washington. Gomorrah was offshore of what is now Miami Florida. Through severe corruption the atmospheres over the two cities had become packed with a dense conglomeration of the type of red and pink Fourth dimensional Nplus static blooms shown visible in Figure 17b above. The Atlantians knew about the power of crystals and were adept in their use.

Disputing factions developed large laser cannons using crystals, and eventually they fired them on each other. The concentrated laser energies caused the two dense aggregations of static over Sodom and Gomorrah to explode, causing World wide cataclysms and bringing down Atlantis. The Sodom explosion fumed South leaving an enigmatic scar just south of Spokane called 'The Palouse'. The Gomorrah remnants are now offshore the city of Miami. North America was allowed to lie fallow for ten thousand years afterwards in order to let the static residues dissipate.

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