The Piscean Age has ended and the Age of Aquarius is upon you. The lady dressed in white bathed in the radiance of the Sun has given birth in the wilderness. The seed of Christ Consciousness has been birthed in everyone's consciousness, collectively called the Wilderness in reflection of the current chaotic state of consciousness of Mankind. Everyone's Christ consciousness awareness will be expanding continuously now for the next two thousand years.

The 'Great Book' is being opened at last. The great Mysteries of the Cosmos are starting to become revealed. The Waters of Truth have begun to outpour and will continue to download into your consciousnesses as that called Enlightenments. For the next two thousand years you will be expanding in Christ consciousnesses all the way. All the higher mysteries of the Cosmos will be revealed to you.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is a revelatory illumination given to you as a preface to the Great Book now starting to open. The purpose is to help you dissolve your Mentallized Illusions about who and what you are, plus your misguided conceptions and understandings of the past. It is also to introduce you to the Great Cosmic plans already in progress which underscores your future. Also, to re-align you back out of your attunement to the planet and back into harmony with the Creators where you should be.

The Cosmos is not trivial. The current Outer Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy. Every Starr in every galaxy has a potential family of twelve planets. Every planet has a population in its fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is the bottom line of Creation. On only a very small handful of twenty five hundred planets does a 3D population also exist in the third dimension. All ill consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus which began five billion years ago. All confined to this Local Universe of a thousand galaxies. A mammoth inter-dimensional clean up in the aftermath of the Rebellion is already well underway as that you call Armageddon.

At least eighteen other great Cosmic events are concurrently befalling you at the present time. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega deals with all of them in detail. Among them are the fact that you are finally starting to be lifted out of the third dimension back into the fifth dimension where you belong;

plus people from all over Creation have volunteered here to help keep the planet stable and help you in your return;

plus Plant Earth is starting to come into its own final run unto a radiant Protostarr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty hundred thousand years from now;

plus the accumulated lesser condition of people with contaminated consciousness's resulting from the Luciferian Rebellion five billion years ago in Christ Michael's Local Universe of a thousand galaxies have been gathered together and cast into Earth as the 'Casted Dagon' and incarnated as that called the Baby boomers;

plus the clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion is now occurring throughout the thousand galaxies as that called 'Armageddon'

plus the Age of Aquarius has started where the one hundred and forty thousand Energy principles of Galactic Law called 'The Chosen Ones' will become installed in your mass consciousnesses;

plus a complete understanding of how Creation is set up and  the Cosmic Laws the govern it is being revealed;

plus a great new Super Universe of Intelligence is starting up in Andromeda by bifurcation off this one and Earth is in the point of bifurcation;

plus Beings from all over Creation are present within Earth's voluntary learning how to work with the new frequencies in preparation for migration to the new Super Universe as part and parcel of its initial start up;

plus Earth has entered the great Proton Disk around the great central Starr Alcione in the Pleiades System where it will remain for the next two thousand years during the installation of Galactic Law;

plus a new Day long cycle of twelve two thousand year dispensations has officially started on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve;

plus a new Cosmic cycle of two hundred and fifty thousand years has begun;

plus a new Galactic cycle of two hundred and fifty million years has begun;

plus a higher frequency Energy burst from the Galaxy's central core has just passed through which is an Energy enrichment all evolutionaries in the fifth dimension of every Planet in the Galaxy receives on a regular repeating cyclical basis;

plus also that after a two hundred and fifty thousand year delay the magnetic poles of the Earth are starting to reverse;

plus a huge induction of unprecedented high frequency radiations are starting to come in from all over Creation to affect the changes;

plus a vast Heavenly Host of millions and millions of fifth dimensional Radionic Ship of light are in orbit outside Pluto to help keep Earth's astral realms stable while it goes through its rapid higher frequency changes;

plus the Polaris Ionnic conditions, where Earth has been at reversed polarity to Polaris for the past two hundred and fifty thousand years is starting to correct;

plus The Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age is been birthed in everyone's consciousness; and finally, for the next two thousand years during the Aquarian Age, illuminations in consciousness will be constantly downloading known variously as 'The Great Book' being opened at last, 'The Greater Truths of the Cosmo' being finally revealed, the outpourings of 'The Waters of Truth' will be occurring and etc.;

The Creators, whom you call God is a Father and Mother whose names were given in the first Chapter of Revelations as Alpha and Omega. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is about them from them,  and deals with all of these matters in full detail.

You are not on Earth at the present time by coincidence either as a member of the original Adamic Root Race,  the Voluntary, or the Casted Dragon.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega also reveals the higher spiritual laws of Creation and your responsibility within them. Consider the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega your manual for ascension back to the fifth dimension where you belong. How you deal with it is for you to decide.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega also teaches you what you should have been taught and not what you have been taught. It contests all the known Mentallized Illusion acorns of Religion, Science, and Metaphysics by presenting the greater facts about the Cosmos as they really are through seventh dimensional eyes, and not just those of the 'Mentallized Illusion' through your third dimensional eyes which you consider to be the totality of reality.

Do not let the religious overtones of some of the Starrgram topics put you off. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is anything but a religious tome. The first paragraph of every Starrgram proves the point. Likewise, the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is on the Christ Table as is and has no other reason or self serving purpose for existing. You are well advised to read the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega all the way through from sentence one to the end, and question your beliefs rather than to rely on your beliefs and question the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega.

Likewise, you are advised to read the 'Preface' all the way through, provided by link at the top of the each Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega page. The preface gives you a thorough understanding of what the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is all about, how it works in expanding your consciousnesses, and how you need to approach it in order to gain maximum benefit from it.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is a Christ Melchizedek teaching which has been given by grace from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds for the benefit of all Humanity. It is not a trivial matter. Nor is it intended for self gain or malpractice. Nor is it a scholarly work. Nor is it the product of conjecture or pontification. Nor is it intended to stir up controversy or debate. Nor is it a doctrine or personal belief. Nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor is it intended to be used as fodder for a church.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is a pure Christ teaching to help in your return to the fifth dimension where you belong, which is your current responsibility before you. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is on the Christ table 'as is' for your benefit and serves no other purpose.


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