The idea that a Mother or Father Ship may or may no be in the same image as an Anchor  Scout Ship is actually kind of humorous. The fact is that nearly all of the Anchor Scout Ship photos taken by a known hand on the camera in this disclosure has a Mother Ship or Father Ship or both tucked in somewhere near by. You just need to know what they look like in there. Remembering also that Mother Ship radials are like tubes and tendrils while Father Ship radials are frills or strands, and Anchor Ship radials are usually feathery.

Some of the Anchor Ship Radionic magnetic fields can be enormous depending on how high up they are, spanning hundreds of miles in some cases. Sometimes a Mother or Father Ship involved will be right up tight like peaking out from a behind a curtain. Sometimes they will be like an Albatross on the wing, fluttering around in parts unknown. The fun part is in seeing what you get when you take a closer look at the Anchor Ship fields in Starrgrams 1 and 2 and seeing how obvious some of them are. The very first, Figure 3 from Starrgram 3 is as good a place to start as any. See the unmistakable tendrils of a Mother Ship coming in from the right. Unfortunately the photo had been taken right at the beginning of this Disclosure project and the idea of looking on the other side of the house to see what was up never even came up.

Figure 1 -

While the previous image is not is not a stellar example of anything, the following image below is far more obvious. It is the Rhinoceros horned nose of a frilly Father Ship just like Figure 30 of Starrgram 6, sticking straight in from the right side within the Negative Polarity Anchor Ship field shown as Figure 11 of Starrgram 2 in Paris.

Figure 2 - I've got a nose for these things.

The Figure below is an even better one. It's not so obvious but it tells quite a story about Radionics. The Mother Ship is sitting right between the prongs of the Positive pole field of Figure 4 of Starrgram 3. The left prong is in front of the Ship, the right prong is behind. Very neat. The Figure also shows that these things are not always that far away, as this Ship is smaller and by the size of its field, it's in kind of close.

Figure 3 - I'm Schizophrenic, being beside myself is my favorite place to be.

Similarly, the following Figure below is a very good photograph of  a saucer shaped Father Ship sitting inside a Negative pole Anchor Ship field, also shown as Figure 15 in Starrgram 2. Its Mother Ship partner is sitting to the left just above the trees. While this is a relatively uncommon type of Father Ship reflection, it is a fairly common type of Mother Ship reflection. Likewise, the giant looking dragon fly larva in Figure 31 of Starrgram 6 is a Father Ship favorite.

Figure 4 - What are you all looking at, I always sit out here. This is my happy place.

Back in Brantford, on the memorable day when Radionic fields were visible all day, the connected fields of Figure 8 in Starrgram 4 shows the unmistakable tendrils of a Mother Ship field sitting in plain sight right in the middle between the fields.

Figure 5 -

Likewise, and for a really big rarity, Figure 18 in Starrgram 4 held yet a third surprise. Completely unsuspected in the original view and completely unbeknownst to the photographer until the photo haze had been removed by enhancements was a nice big Father Ship sitting right beside a Negative pole field on the right or a Positive pole field on the left, take your pick. The rarity is that the Ship is running almost pole to pole. With some Anchor Ship canopies this would have meant that the Ship was hundreds of miles long. In this case, it was not so overly long as the whole canopy affair was sitting in pretty close overhead, so the Ships was short. But talk about your tight fit.

Figure 6 - The three of us like to hold hands and dance whenever we get the chance.

Similarly, the next Figure below is a full 360 degree sweep of the same pair of Radionic fields as Figure 6 above, previously shown as Figure 19 in Starrgram 4. As seen above. a big Father Ship is sitting inside the left side radials. The frills sticking out around the Ship can be much better seen in Figure 6 above. As luck would have it a smaller Mother Ship partner is sitting right inside the right side radials, running from the left of the lamp pole and up to the left. In case you haven't got the hang of the layout yet, the very left and very right ends of the photo are the same place. The tree's the key.

Figure 7 - There you have it, he, she, me and we.

On the other hand, the following image of a Positive pole Anchor Ship field taken in Kampala on April 29, 2016 by the friend of the cause is plain and simple. A Positive pole Anchor Ship field is sitting straight up the center. A Father Ship a la' Figure 38 in Starrgram 6 is running upwards to the right. Notice the similarity to the backbone in Figure 26 of Starrgram 7. The image was also shown as Figure 18 in Starrgram 3.

Figure 8 -

Similarly, from Brantford photograph Figure 37 in Starrgram 2 a large Father Ship Field can be seen sitting plain as day right up the center of the Negative Pole Anchor Ship Field.  .

Figure 9 -

Then for a very good example of a Father Ship and a Mother Ship in a Negative Polarity Radionic field, Figure 34 in Starrgram 6 does it so well it doesn't even need to be pointed out. The Father Ship is the Vezina Trophy face mask behind the trees. The Mother Ship is the pod just below the bird. The White dot at the center right is courtesy of IPhone and not the Radionic Fleet.

Figure 10 - Here's Looking at you Bill.

And on October 8, 2016 an absolutely stunning picture of a Mother Ship in the background and a Negative pole Anchor Ship field in the foreground was captured in Brantford. The Mother Ship field was a considerable distance away so is very long. The Mother Ship field was visible for much of the day, the Scout Ship field as you see it below for only about fifteen minutes when some nice water vapour had slid through. Mother and Father Ships tend more to precipitate their own condensations, Anchor Ships tend to rely more on grace of the water Gods than fortune to send moisture through.

Figure 11 - Despicable Me 4, now playing.

Likewise, in the following Brantford image Figure 26 in Starrgram 3 from off the Internet, a Father Ship is sitting up the center left.

Figure 12 -

In an even more definitive vein, it is hard to mistake this one found on the Internet, because a Negative Anchor Scout Ship flume sits bold and beautiful up the right and Mother Ship tendrils sit bold and beautiful across the left. The lines looking like Contrails are ionnization radials off the Mother Ship tendrils. Follow them by eye from their source.

Figure 13 -

It's happening all over. From the movie Deja Vu, circa 2006 a very definite Mother Ship pod field, similar to Figure 29 in Starrgram 5 sits at the top right. A very definite Negative Pole Anchor Ship Radionic field sits front and center behind the ferry.

Figure 14 - You've heard of the airy fairy, how about the verily ferry.

The next Figure off the Internet is a stellar picture of a fully fledged Mother Ship field like Figure 15 of Starrgram 5 in reverse, sitting fully fledged over a fully fledged Negative pole Radionic Anchor Scout Ship field. Some days you get all the luck.

Figure 15 - Little House on the Prairie, no kidding.

Then in a big switcheroo, the following Figure off the Internet shows a very bold Father Ship with an even bolder Mother Ship on top in the center, within a not so bold Negative Polarity Scout Ship field at the bottom left behind the covering clouds. Nonetheless you can't deny that it is what it is.

Figure 16 - If it wasn't for the Radionic fields, I don't know what we'd call ourselves.

The following unusual photograph also from the Internet, is an interesting look at a Negative pole Radionic field as seen a distance straight out from one end of the field instead of from the usual viewpoint of underneath. Note the irregular radials do not extend overhead so it can't be underneath. Similarly, a very large Mother Ship field array of uniform radials is seen sitting even further back in behind the apex, sitting inside the Anchor Ship field.

Figure 17 -

No doubt by now you have been asking what would happen if a Mother Ship plunked down right under the influence of an Negative pole Anchor field apex. As the following Figure below taken at the train station in Brantford on the 11th of May 2016 shows, as seen from the outside butt end like Figure 17 above the answer is a bunch of really J-ersazic park like radiations . As you can see, the affected Radials really look like they have drunken a gallon of joy Juice. The somewhat electrified looking Anchor Ship field is sitting in back, the Mother Ship field sits calm cool and collected along the bottom just inside the Anchor Ship field.

Figure 18 - Nothing to worry about, just a lot of static in the air today.

The following photograph taken in Huntsville, Ontario on August 16, 2016 is an identical scenario as Figure 18 above but from even closer to the Negative Radionic Field apex. The squiggly Mother Ship radials exactly cover the apex of the Field. And look how close in it is. This is almost hand shake close.

Figure 19 - Here we are, not too far, if you listen listen carefully   you'll find out what we are.

There are many others in the Starrgrams to date with with Scout Ship fields holding the presence of a Mother Ship or Father Ship or both. You are welcome to challenge yourself and look.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the Radionics.com website or book as source.


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